Chapter 7 – #TeamEJ – Unlocking EJs Voice – Colors

There were 2 main things I was hoping for during this lesson.

The first was that if we talked about something very high interest it would keep him engaged.  He’d been watching this Max and Ruby episode so I hoped he would let me pause and discuss.

There were 3 colors that I had yet to have him spell and he got “yellow” perfect on the first try.  It’s amazing to me what words he already knows how to spell.  Most of the words he knows from videos, but I’m not sure where he picked up the colors.  Perhaps at school?

One thing that I found hugely encouraging was that when he misspelled a color, I could show it to him on the paper and he was actually eager to spell it correctly.

During the few weeks of doing lessons I feel like he was getting to express stuff that he hadn’t before.  RPM and AAC are giving him a glimpse of the possibilities that communication can provide.

Looking back at this lesson I wish I had asked him more.  Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.  It is so encouraging to see his actual desire to learn.  Just about 1 month before I could never have imagined him sitting still with me for this long.  As long as I can work learning into high interest subjects and keep things fun I think the sky is truly the limit for EJ…and for every child as we find the learning methods that resonate with each individual.