Chapter 6 – #TeamEJ – Unlocking EJs Voice – Lion

It’s really been interesting for me to go back and watch these first videos of EJ and I typing and using AAC and RPM together.  There were a couple more where I’m on his left and then read about how I should be on his right.  In this video we start talking about colors and I’m trying to wait to see if he can find the answer without choices.

I end up giving him 2 choices and only write if I think he needs to see it.  He would love to copy type everything I think but I know I need to help him pull the words out and not depend on the crutch of copy typing.

During a lot of my reading on RPM, I read about using the stencils even if the child can type.  This has been really difficult for us because he seems to really resist the stencils and some of the other basics of RPM.  He sometimes doesn’t even point to the choice and just types it.

I think one of the things that is so critical in teaching is finding ways to make it fun and interesting.  Wouldn’t we all hate sitting through something boring and repetitive?  I fear that so often our children are given drills that build more walls than they tear down.

I know EJ loves animals so I tend to gravitate toward them in every lesson somehow.  I love that he giggles at the notion that a grasshopper would RRROOAAR like a lion.  It’s one of those “silly mommy” giggles that I hope keep him sort of amused during our lessons.

In these early lessons, I was just thrilled if he’d sit with me for 5 minutes.  As I look back I realize how much I enjoy these moments with him.  I feel so blessed to be able to witness these moments.