Chapter 4 – #TeamEJ – Unlocking EJs Voice – “Dolphin” Drawing

Just 4 days after the Grand Opening of WRTS Whittier, EJ and his brother Christian were playing and I was able to capture this moment.  EJ started typing the words from Baby Neptune during Christian’s water polo scrimmage just a few days earlier.  I thought it was pretty cool that not only did he seem to associate the swimming with all the water animals but that when he would misspell a word I could correct him once or twice and then he’d be off and flying.  It was one of the first real signs that we could teach him correct spelling versus him being stuck on the way a word looked in his head or the way he thought it should be.

The one I remember most of all was when he typed “sestutele” and I couldn’t figure out what it meant until I shared it on Facebook and my childhood friend Michelle said, “sea turtle”.  Brilliant!  In this video just a few day later he spells it correctly.

EJ has always liked us to draw for him and I wanted him to see that all this typing could have awesome pay offs.  The second day he was typing I drew anything and everything he typed and wrote the word also.

This video holds a special place in my heart because it’s these brothers playing and learning together in our brand new gym.  You can see EJ run and jump around out of excitement but also to fulfill those sensory needs.

The bond of EJs siblings is truly something.  I firmly believe EJ has made us all better people.  We don’t sweat the small stuff.  We celebrate even the smallest victories and don’t dwell on set backs.  EJs sisters and brother go above and beyond the call day after day.  A special needs sibling is probably the best friend anyone could ever have.