Chapter 11 – #TeamEJ – Unlocking EJs Voice – Epic Session

My main goal with this session was to make sure it was fun and interesting and keep him engaged.  In my wildest dreams I did not expect him to sit with me for almost 40 minutes!

I can’t imagine many of you will want to watch this whole thing so I wanna hit on a few highlights…

In the very beginning he says “morning” which was such a shocker by itself.  Then he’s making animal noises and all sorts of fun stuff.  I had heard at a TACA Support Group at WRTS Whittier that the best therapy for nonverbal kids with apraxia (although I still need him to get an official diagnosis) is PROMPT.  Now that we had decided to homeschool I contacted Leann Schouten of Jump & Schout Therapy because she is the best at PROMPT and we happened to know each other from swim lessons and gymnastics over the years…small world for sure.

OK, but I digress…the other amazing moment in this session was that at 26:30 when I’m sure he needs a break he actually asks for MORE…wow!  He asked to learn more.  It struck me that if I could work learning into his high interest areas with lots of stuff to make it fun that the sky really would be the limit.

Knowing that he learns best with visuals I thought we’d use google images to pull up pictures of what he types.  He decides to take over and do the typing.  He even starts to figure out how to use a track pad and mouse since it’s not a touch screen.

There’s such a soft spot in my heart for this session because believe me there are days we get very little accomplished.  On those days I take the advice of a fellow homeschooler and just curl up with a good book and read to him…oh sure sometimes we plop on the gym floor and he swings while I read.