Chapter 10 – #TeamEJ – Unlocking EJs Voice – Shapes

At the time I had no idea we would end up homeschooling EJ and just tried to do all his work at home or the gym as he continued to refuse to go to class.  We actually homeschooled our other 3 children but I never really thought I would be able to teach EJ.

Since the heat was subsiding we tried really hard to get him back to class.  He went 1 or 2 more times but then started to refuse with a lot of passion.  One day he was clinging to the seatbelt for dear life and then reached over and shut the door.

I figured he wanted to just have fun lazy days so I made it very clear that if he didn’t go to school he would still be doing schoolwork with mommy.  He seemed totally fine with that idea.

While going thru a 2nd grade curriculum book I realized he was really far behind in math particularly.  Of course he was behind in most subjects but with words I could do cut outs and RPM and help him grasp the material.  Math was gonna be a toughy.  He hadn’t shown mastery of the numbers 1-20 so he hadn’t been able to move past that.

It suddenly dawned on me that we wouldn’t be held to the same stringent restrictions of a school special ed program and could start to teach him more complex math.

I had heard great things about MathUSee so we go those manipulatives and the Primer book.  I believe with all my heart that EJ can learn math.  His visual memory is really remarkable because he learns to spell words correctly in just a couple tries.

I can’t be sure of course, but I hope someday to ask EJ exactly why he decided to homeschool.  I think our AAC/RPM sessions may have been part of it.  I know another huge benefit was that therapies we couldn’t get into because of the limits of after school hours were now a possibility for us.