So we’re back to this blog with great news from the communication front.  It’s an interesting perspective that we hope will be helpful to others at any stage of this journey.  Today seemed like a great day to look back at the incredible journey of the last 2 years.  From goals of the alphabet and the numbers 1-20 to being assessed at grade level in math (5th) and 7th grade level in language arts.  I kept up with our journey on facebook so often I will link back to the videos there.  My hope is to offer insights and updates on our current achievements while also looking back at the steps along the way.  EJs hard work and dedication have been super inspiring and kept us all in awe.  It was 2 years ago today we headed to Austin, TX and our true RPM journey began.

We had just started homeschooling and something in my gut said, “we gotta see Soma”. I was prepared to just end up wrestling with him on the floor while trying to absorb her wisdom and then lo and behold he just sat with her and went at it. At some point she breezily asked him what airline we flew to get there and he pointed to S-O-U-… after I picked up my jaw from the floor I thought, “now we have got some work to do” We’ve all learned so much these last 2 years (huge understatement). We still use TouchChat for basics but as a wise fellow Speller once said, “(with an AAC app) I could order a cheeseburger, now I can write the menu” ❤️

And we're off. #EJandMommyGoToAustin

Posted by Sabrina Lu on Monday, January 11, 2016